Quiromasaje, Reflexología podal EN


Quiromassage, Reflexology.


Most common indications for quiromassage:

• Contractures and muscle atrophy, adhesions, sprains and strains, as an adjunct in postoperative rehabilitation, sports download in all its phases, preparedness, prevention, pre-competition and competition.
• Combined with hydrotherapy, sauna, jacuzzi, contrast baths, Turkish bath confer a therapeutic range all very fashionable nowadays.
• Tonic circulatory and lymphatic system.
• Return of the joint release.
• Strengthening and toning treatments in sports.
• Circulation problems, nodes, bruising, edema.
• Sedative of the nervous system and general tonic. Neurodegenerative disorders and dystonias.
• Musculoskeletal disorders, trauma and rheumatism as scoliosis arthritis, back pain, back pain, cervical pain, sciatic pain and neuralgia in general; to support more specific and applied by other professional treatments.
• Stimulants of overall health and immune agent, unifying bonds of friendship and social, improves mood, download labor tensions and helps lift the spirits of those who suffer mild anxiety disorders.

• It is the basis of anti-cellulite treatments, reducers, body scrub, mud, chocolate, olive oils, aromatherapy body, combined with chromotherapy, wine … and relaxing beauty in general.



  • It is a therapy that involves pressure in different parts of the foot.
  • The pressure on the feet is reflected in the organs, muscles … that need to be healed.
  • It is clearly effective in treating problems of the urinary system or as an anesthetic.


The action of this technique relies on the fact that different parts of the body are reflected in the soles of the feet and, therefore, massaging those parts are massaged indirectly or reflected, but effective organs, muscles and other body parts that need treatment, stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Of course, in addition to the reflection effect it is a very important and useful to treat and prevent many foot problems.

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